Saturday, January 16, 2010

DIY Wedding Keepsakes!

Since we got engaged I have checked Martha Stewert Weddings website almost everyday.
I love all of the ideas she has and all of the DIY projects she makes look so easy!
I ran across some of the following keepsakes in the
15th Anniversary special of Martha Stewert Weddings magazine.
They were too cute not to share!
Hopefully I will get in the creative spirit and take part in some of these amazing DIYs!

Design Partner
DIY Style Memorykeeping
Find a pretty binder and fill with your keepsakes from your wedding day.
Stock it with cute envelopes, punched card stock, or folders to hold ribbons and color swatches of the wedding colors.
You can see they even placed a card of makeup. I would love to look back at these different aspects of the wedding planning and wedding day, that you would normally forget all about!
I have a wedding planning notebook that I have been placing different things in to commemorate the wedding planning. I would love to add some fabric swatches and random keepsakes!

Meet the Press
I love this! A way to keep your bouquet preserved and looking pretty!
Martha says: 
Snip blossoms and lay them on newsprint
Fold newsprint over to cover and insert in a flower press, or between the pages of a heavy book
Leave them for 10 to 12 days until dry and papery
Use tweezers to transfer flowers to card stock and arrange
Apply a dot of glue to the underside, then press into place
Let dry and frame!
Sounds easy enough!  When charlie and I got engaged he gave me two dozen roses. I pressed them using wax paper and an iron, and placed them in heavy books.  I had to wait 10 days before removing them and in those 10 days our water heater busted and our whole house flooded!  So all of our stuff was packed up and I have no idea where those flowers are, or if we even have them! Hopefully one day I will open up a cookbook and have a special surprise!

Mat Trick

If my invites have a cute decoration like these, I will definitely be applying them to one of our engagement pics!
Using a craft knife, cut the decoration and apply to a favorite photo of the two of you.
So cute!

Blanket Statement
This has to be my fav! 
Arrange fabric squares and fabric pens for your guests to write a sweet message on.
Collect the squares and follow the wise words of Martha!
I showed this to charlie and the mag and he said that it was a good idea and then questioned me on my quilt making skills! Though I have never in my life even attempted making a quilt, martha makes it look pretty easy! What an amazing keepsake to pass down!

These are just some of the many DIY Wedding keepsake ideas of Martha's.
Check out her website for many more!!!!

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  1. I put all of our wedding keepsakes in our card box, but that scrapbook is a great idea. Maybe one day I'll actually get around to making a book of them! I also want to make a quilt using all of my old sorority t-shirts. I mean, who wants to be 30 & still wearing "Gamma Sig Formal 2007" shirts? Who knows when I'll actually get to it, but I have high hopes!