Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun filled wedding activities weekend part 1!

This weekend was oh so fun!!!
My bridesmaid Carson and Allston (her bf and charlies groomsman) threw Charlie and I a
Stock the Bar shower!
It was a blast!
Tomorrows post will be all about it and its awesomeness!!!!!
My friend Jan and my other friend/bridesmaid Megan came home with me for the shower.
We went to PF Changs friday night and saturday was a day full of wedding goodness.
My wedding shoes came last week so I got to see them for the first time on friday!
I was soooo excited to open them, i felt like they were made of gold or something!
I forgot to take a pic of them, and they aren't on the website anymore, but i pinky promise I will out a pic up as soon as I can!
So I thought the shoes were perfect when I opened the box,
but when i went to put them on my gigantic size 10 of a foot, they were tinsy winsy...
so we called to see if we could get an ELEVEN.......
which they do not make...
(I had the only 10 in the whole US of A! why must my feet be like the flinstones?)
We decided to wait to return them because my actual WEDDING DRESS came in on saturday!!!!
So we had an appt. later that day to try them on.
Saturday morning we had a cake tasting at 9 AM!
We tried a cake called the White Russian, with nutella in it!
It was yum yum yum!!!!!
Della then took us to the marina inn where the reception will be.
We talked about the layout of the tables and dance floor!
I am sooo excited!
Della then showed us some signs she made for us!
She made a bride and groom sign to go on the back of our chairs!
It is soo cute, with a pretty pink peony~
She also made us some "Mr" and "Mrs" signs that she saw I liked!
Each of these were in the Southern Weddings Magazine if you want to take a look!

This magazine is definitely my fav and I cut one to shreds for my notebook, so I want another to keep!
Seriously..its amazing!
Everything looked amazing and we are soo excited to stay there the whole weekend!
Dad says he is more excited about his "daddy-o patio" than the actual wedding!
(which we all know isnt true!)
Then we went to lunch at Pine Lakes (where the ceremony will be).
We had an awesome lunch with megan, jan, caroline, and the rest of mine and charlies families!
after lunch it was finally time to go see MY dress!
I was so excited for jan, megan, and esp. my dad to see it for the first time!
We brought the shoes and veil to get the whole look!
As soon as i pulled the shoes out of the box the sweet ladies that worked there got soo excited!
They loved the shoes!
I tried on the dress and it fit almost perfectly!
Just a few alterations and it will fit like a glove!
We also decided that the shoes were too perfect, and that the length wasn't the issue, it was the width of the shoe at the front.  The owner of the store suggested we get them stretched a little.
So I think that is what we will do, the color matched soo perfectly, i hope it works!!
Oh and the place we normally take shoes to be repaired is kind of sketch..
i swear charlie and I saw a drug deal going down there on day....
So we are looking for somewhere else to take them!
The dress was even more perfect than the first time i tried it on.
I had forgotten so many of the details that  made me love the dress.
Also i think i watch "Say Yes to the Dress" too many times, cause I was sort of doubting my dress picking abilities..
But when I put it all on, I knew I made the right decision!
Megan and Jan loved it!
Dad immediately got his camera out and started snapping away, he also began asking a ton of questions about the detailing and how it bustles..thats how i knew he loved it!!
We had one more wedding errand to run that day,
We spent the whole day before searching from store to store and finally found the perfect suit at Jos. A. Banks!  The sweet lady said she would give us a sale price that made the suit buy 1 get TWO for free!!!
So we found a suit that is normally $550 and each groomsman is paying less than $200 for it!
Its exactly what I wanted!
Charcoal grey with light blue window pane stiching!
(once again no pic of this....i pinky again I will post it tomorrow!)
So we had to go show our dads the suit at the local Jos. A. Banks!
For anyone who still needs suits, I would 100% recommend trying them, they always have amazing deals on super nice suits!
I had the most amazing first part of the day!
 I promise I will be back tomorrow morning with a post dedicated solely to the amazing
Stock the Bar shower!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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