Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Excuses, excuses, excuses

There are no real excuses as to why I havent posted in SIXTEEN days!
I dont know whats up with me but everytime I went to open this little posting box, no words came to me!
None, notta, ZIPPO!
Its not that I havent had things going on!
I mean i didn't post when we found our invitations, or when we had a huge mess of addresses and red markers and save the dates covering our kitchen counter for a week, or when it SNOWED at the beach!
I especially feel bad about not posting on my moms bday!
What is going on with me!?
I almost felt guilty going to the google reader and not leaving a post of my own...
But in the next few days I will be posting on each of these events...
better late than never!

Hope everyone had an amazing Valentines Day and can find it in your sweet sweet hearts to forgive me again for not posting.........

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