Friday, February 19, 2010


Tomorrow I have my 1st wedding dress fitting!
Im really excited to have the process started of getting my dress to fit right!
Then Charlie and I are headed back to Charleston for KA's formal.
Charlie was president of KA last year and the new pres called and asked if charlie would give the big toast!
I am soo happy he was asked, He didn't get to give the toast when he was president so im suuper excited!
Before Convivium (what the formal is called) we are going to Robs house for Pot Luck.
I (with the help of mom!!) am making a noodle and chicken casserole that mom makes.
Its wayy yummy!

Convivium is supposed to be black tie, but not everyone has a tux so, if they have one they are supposed to wear it.  Charlie has one so I think im gonna wear a long dress.
Probs the one I wore last year.. is that badd??
I dont think anyone will notice!
Its gonna be 60 degrees tomorrow!
WHOO HOO for warm weather!
I am soo ready for summer!!!!!

Oh and the band we hired for the wedding is playing behind Robs house for an Oyster festival.
So we are going to walk by and hear them!
That reminds me, I have to email the band a list of songs we fo sho want them to play.
Heres the list:
Wagonwheel-Old Crow Medicine Show
Sweet Home Alabama-Lynard Skynard
Oklahoma Breakdown- Stoney La Rue
Sweet Southern Moon-Benji Davis Project
Rich Girl-Holland Oats
Holy City- Edwin McCain
The Day that I die-Benji Davis Project
Up on Cripple Creek-The Band
Jack and Diane-John Mellancamp
Atlantic City- The Band

and i think we have decided on our first dance song!
I have to put these in order of importance to us...
but i think its already in that order!

k..time for bed...


  1. Umm...holy smokes, girlie! Your wedding playlist is almost exactly like ours! Love me some Sweet Home Alabama (of course) and Wagon Wheel by the OCMS! Love! Have so much fun at your dress fitting and formal! Yaaay for you!!

  2. I just noticed your Edwin McCain song. It's usually I'll Be or I Could Not Ask For More. BUT!!! Did you know that Edwin just released a new Wedding Song this month??? It is amazing. if you have a Daddy, it is perfect. It's called, "Walk With You." If you want to hear/see an amazing video of it, I'll send you the link. OMG, you will have to pass out the Kleenex. Edwin has two little boys, but also has a 7-month old little girl. He fast-forwarded her life to her wedding day and wrote the song about walking her down the aisle. You will LOVE it.
    Angie Little