Thursday, February 25, 2010

Engagement Pictures!

These are a few of the engagement pictures we did back in December!
It was a lot of fun and I am excited to share them!

These were all taken by the very talented Lynn Daly!
We had a fun (cold) time walking around and taking pictures!
I was hoping to get some pictures in Charleston too, due to weather we couldn't really work it out for the Save The Date shoot, but we are hoping to get some free time to take some in the Holy City!

I also wanted to let yall know (if you don't already) that the Design Girl is having an awesome giveaway that ends soon! Head over to the link above and enter for a free blog makeover!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day today!
I had my karat-ay mid-term and boy was it tuff!
So I am relaxing on the couch about to watch American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice
and enjoy my second Skinny Cow Truffle bar! 
(seriously all of you need to go to the grocery now and pick them up, they are 100% pure bliss!)
mmmm hmmm!!!


  1. oh my gosh, cutest engagement photos ever!!!
    you have a new follower! ;)
    you are beautiful little lady!
    i'm planning a wedding right now too!! for september!!

  2. Aww thank you so much!!! Congrats! Good luck in the wedding planning process!!!

  3. Your engagement pictures are so lovely!
    Thanks for following me!!

  4. These pictures are adorable!! Where in SC do you live? I am engaged also and I just moved to Columbia 6 months ago!

  5. Hey sugar! Just subscribed to your blog, would mean a lot if you could check out mine :) Laura xoxo

  6. Found you from Kelly's Korner. :) I LOVE your engagement pictures! They are gorgeous! I'm obsessed with wedding planning (even though I don't have a wedding in the near future) and these seriously made my day! :)