Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Today is my dad's birthday!
Since I have been in college, i have been lucky enough to not have exams on dec. 9th..until today...
But my dad and mom decided to come down and celebrate with us at school!
I spent most of the day staring at this:

Looks like fun, huh?
I then had the pleasure of taking a History of American Vernacular and Material Culture final while the rest of my family shopped...
But then we all met up and had an awesome dinner and opened presents!
I am so excited they decided to come to us for his birthday!
We had a lot of fun and now we all get to load up at 6:00 am 
and go to Kelly Clarkson!
I wanted to share some stuff about my dad.
He is the most caring man I know.
He is very passionate about what he believes in and it sure does show!
Dad was adopted when he was one year old to my amazing Nana and Papa.

They raised him up to be a wonderful christian who has a heart of gold.

Nana sure did have her hands full!
She used to always tell stories of this sweet little face taking apart the scale in the doctor's office.
One time even strategically placing firecrackers in his neighbors swim suit, which was hanging to dry outside.
At my parents wedding the neighbor stood up and told everyone the story and that she would have brought her swim suit, but there were two giant holes in it!

He went to school in Tennessee where he rocked this amazing haircut
and sweet ride!!!

Dad then joined the Navy and served on the U.S.S. America.

He traveled all over the world during his tour.
He even spent Easter Sunday at the Vatican.

Boy, does have some stories!!!
I am so proud of Dad for serving our country.
He is certainly my hero.

Dad met my mom while in the navy.
They soon got married and had two beautiful daughters ;)
Who loves him more than anything!
and as you can tell he sure does love us too!!

Dad loves to waterski and barefoot!
I am soo jealous of this..i wish i had the courage to barefoot!!

Recently dad found out who his blood sisters are and have spent some precious moments with them.
I have not yet gotten to meet my new aunts but i look so forward to!

Dont they look just alike!?
Dad now serves as a deacon of the church and a dedicated volunteer in our town.
I am so proud of dad and all that he has accomplished in his lifetime.
He is truly a man to look up to and someone who always has a helping hand.
I love him soo much and could never thank him enough for all that he has done for me!
I hope he had an amazing birthday and has a wonderful year full of joy.
Love you dad!


  1. Yo go jess!!!! This is awesome and so are you! Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!!!

  2. What a fantastic post! Hope he reads it! :)
    Happy Birthday to your dad!