Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas at Nana's!

"Baby all i want for Christmas is youuuuu"

I love that Mariah Carey Song!
It puts me in the Holiday spirit!!
I have everything I could ever dream of.
I have an amazing soon to be husby, a wonderful family, and fabulous friends.
I could never ask for anything more!

I feel like the Christmas season has turned into a massive spending spree and just involves presents.
I am just as guilty as the next guy.
Each day I have to stop and remind myself that it is not about the presents or the money spent,
but about the time spent with everyone you care about.
Its about Jesus, and his entrance into this sinful place to save all of us.
What an amazing gift that could NEVER be topped!

When I was younger we would spend every Christmas at my Nana and Papa's house in Tennessee.
My sister and I loved being there and spending time with all of our cousins.
My Nana has since passed away and my Papa has moved to our town in South Carolina.
Christmas' just aren't the same without out Nana baking christmas cookies in the kitchen while all of us crowded around mouths watering!
Nana was someone who made every Holiday special.
She always had the house perfectly decorated and the most amazing meal for us to eat.

Every Christmas Eve after church all of the grand-daughters and the rest of the family would crowd into the fancy living room.
Nana would turn off all of the lights and walk out with a little debbie in the shape of a christmas tree with a lit candle on top.
We would all join Nana in singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.
At the time we all laughed at singing Happy Birthday on Christmas,
but looking back, that was such an amazing time in our family.
Each person would take time to celebrate Jesus' birth just like we celebrate our birthdays each year.
He is the reason we get to live on this Earth and eventually meet Him in Heaven.
His birthday is much more important than any of ours.

I have looked forward to when the Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes come out every year.
They are my favorite snack of the Holidays!
Charlie even proposed to me incorporating the Christmas tree cakes.
A couple of weeks ago I saw the cakes in the store and the memory of singing with Nana came rushing back.
It hit me then that this is why I love those cakes so much!

I hope to carry on this tradition in my family.
It may sound silly but it truly means so much to take the time to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Those little debbie Christmas tree cakes are my favorite! :)