Monday, December 21, 2009

Eye doctors and Christmas Cookies!

Today I had my yearly visit to the eye doctor..
fun, i know.
It seemed that every year I went my eyes got worse and worse..
until this year!
Finally my eyes stayed the same!
Wow, this is just riveting isn't it!

Anyway my eyes seemed to be dilated all day and I felt like the crazies
from True Blood.

When we got back from the eye doctor we got a visit from a wonderful old friend!
He was my sisters best friend growing up and we hadn't seen him in forever.
It was so awesome to catch up and see what he's up to in his senior year of high school.

Charlie and I then ventured out in the cold to get a few last minute christmas presents.
We ended up spending all of our time in Williams Sonoma!
I picked up some apple pie mix that we plan on making for christmas eve.
I also got some awesomely gigantic cookie cutters and Charlie's dad's present.

It was freezing outside and P.F. Changs was calling our name!
The mongolian beef, lettuce wraps, and chicken lo mein hit the spot.

When we came back home Jenn and her man were preparing to make christmas cookies.
We ended up making a ton!
It was a lot of fun listening to christmas songs, wrapping presents, and decorating cookies.

I love being at home.
Days like today are the best, even though i spent an hour in the room waiting to see the doctor all by myself, I still had an amazing day and would not trade it for anything!

And this is what I get to fall asleep to at night...

It doesn't get any better!

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