Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy Week and Mountain Weekend!

Last week was a super busy week! It was our last week of classes and it was much harder than my actual exam week was.  I also had work on tuesday where i stayed for the town lighting!  It was the cutest thing i had ever seen.  Most definitely straight out of Gilmore Girls! I am begging charlie to just be a fireman forever and not join the navy so we can live there!
 Then we had to get prepared for mountain weekend with charlie's fraternity.  I was supposed to decorate a cooler like all the other girls but we ended up picking one up at Dicks sporting goods on the way!  After three years of decorating coolers i think he was happy with a plain one for his truck that he could pick out!  But I did manage to get all of the food together and sleeping supplies.  We went to Hendersonville, NC where the temp was below freezing both nights.
For a South Carolina girl it was c-o-l-d.
There were some people (brad form detroit) in short sleeve shirts the entire time!
I don't care where you are from 20 degrees is cold!  But we did get to see snow on saturday morning. Yay! A rare occurrence here at the beach where they through sand on the roads when it snows because we don't have the high tech snow mobile things that spread salt..??.. or whatever they spread!
I have no idea and only know what one looks like from the movie Snow Day!
Anyway, we brought heating blankets, which were lifesavers!
We stayed in cabins that only had screens around them so we were basically sleeping outside!
This is what Olivia describes as our luxurious sleeping arrangements!

Charlie and I were the first to arrive to the camp and we paid Jim Bob, yes thats his real name and he introduced his son, JB Junior to us..yep were definitely in the mountains!  We then went into town to go to the pet store where charlie and I had both brought puppies home from! We were hoping to bring back a cute little boykin spaniel but all they had were little lap dogs! We had fun holding them though!

We went back to the camp and hunkered down for the night!

If you look to the left charlie is the one in the black standing up holding the red cup in the black, and then look down at the brown blob and the little bit of fur..yep thats me..and thats how i looked the entire weekend! ha

This is pretty much the group that we hang out with at school, in the "snow" which you can't see here!

My friend Carson, who is also a bridesmaid, took a ton of pictures and im waiting for her to put them on facebook so ill put them up here as soon as she does!!!!

It was an awesome weekend and now i have to get ready for exams...blah
but on wednesday its my dad's birthday and he and my mom are coming to visit me and jenn and stay the night! then on thursday morning we are waking up super early to drive to Columbus, Georgia to see:

KELLY CLARKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing week!

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