Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner!

I hope everyone had an amazing day today!
Today was awesome for my family.
We spent the rainy day inside opening presents, eating, and spending time together!

Christmas Eve was equally as wonderful!
I woke up super early to get some last minute shopping done, then came home and cooked 
It was a hit!
We all headed to church for the Christmas Eve service, which was wonderful, as always!
There is a wonderful woman who sings for our church often.
Last night she sang the most beautiful song and im sure I was not the only one with goosebumps!
What an amazing gift to have.

This is the fam on the way to church!

After Church we went over to Charlie's house for dinner.
My family and my grandpa and step-grandmother came along also!
Charlie's house was decorated so beautifully!
Here are just a few pics of the decorations:

We had a dinner of Prime Rib that Charlie and his dad made!
It was soooo good.
My future mother in law made the most amazing salad.
The recipe is from a restaurant that their family loves called The Columbia.

We also had a beautiful dessert spread (which is my favorite part!)

I made the apple pie for Charlie's dad.  
I hope he loved it!
After dinner we opened presents and spent some time together.
I am so lucky to have met someone with such a kind and open family.
It is a huge blessing that both families get along so well with one another!

(i have no idea what happened to the camera here!!!)

Caroline (charlie's sis) gave me the most amazing present.
She made a scrapbook of Charlie and I.
She did the entire alphabet and put pictures relating to each word!
Its so beautiful.
I got a flip cam for christmas so hopefully i will figure out how to make a video of it and post it!
Thanks Caroline!

Charlie and I decided to wait to open presents to each other until Christmas Day.
But he gave me two wonderful surprise presents last night!

This is one of them!
It is an M&M ornament to commemorate our engagement on Christmas Eve last year!
The other was a christmas flip flop necklace!
He gave me one the christmas we first started dating, and after 4 and a half years, it had enough!
All of the stones had fallen off and I was soo disappointed, so he surprised me with another!

Christmas Eve was truly wonderful. 
I so loved spending time with my families and sharing such a magnificent day together.

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