Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve:Her story, His words

I asked Charlie if he could write the story of our engagement for me to put on my blog, and this is what he came up with! Everything he wrote is 100% true of how i felt and what happened!
Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!

It is hard to believe that it was this time ONE YEAR ago that my amazing fiancé finally proposed to me!  
To begin with there are a couple of pieces of background info that you have to know.  
First off, Charlie accidentally told me he was going to propose at Christmas when he was telling me how he asked my dad for my hand.  Secondly, Charlie loves to Kayak and Fish and had convinced me that I was probably getting a kayak for Christmas so that I could go adventure with him.  
Anyone who knows me would knows that I am not the most adventurous;
(uh, I am soo adventurous!)
however, I would not disappoint him and would seem excited anyways. 
Well it was then Christmas Eve and Charlie told me he wanted to take me out for lunch, this kind of made me mad because I usually spend all Christmas Eve with my sister and family but I decided to go along.  I knew I was in for something when Charlie made me blindfold myself once I got in his truck.
(The blindfold was my dogs sammy's christmas jammies!!)
After a quick drive we were at the beach and as he walked me down and took of the blindfold I saw a towel and picnic sitting next to a horribly wrapped kayak.
(It was perfectly wrapped! with about 10 rolls of paper!)
  I thought “oh my gosh!” he actually got me a kayak and of course I faked excitement while really hiding my fear.  So he made me sit down and eat some lunch he brought for us (my fav:Chick-fil-a)
 the entire time talking about kayaking and how we were going to go after we ate.  
When the time came I finished my food and went to open they kayak only to be relieved that it was his kayak he had wrapped to use as a diversion. 
( I thought for sure we were going kayaking in the ocean after we ate!)
After we both laughed he told me he had my real present at home and we could get it after dessert.  
I then opened a bag with my favorite Christmas tree cakes and m&m’s inside. 
(picture will be added tonight!)
I was so excited because these are my two favorite candies, but got even more excited when I looked on the pink and green candies and saw that Charlie had them made to say
“I love you” and “will you marry me”.  
I started screaming and jumped onto his lap. 
(and squished my christmas tree cakes :( !)
 Charlie said some sweet stuff that I honestly can’t even remember because I was so excited.  
He then pulled out a green jewelry box and asked if I would marry him as he opened it up reveling the most amazing ring ever!  
(very true!)
Not thinking, I was shouting No No No because I was so shocked but I think he knew my answer. 
We are now one year past that day and almost all of the wedding plans are coming together.  I am so excited and so blessed to get to spend the rest of my live with such a caring, thoughtful, funny, handsome, roughish man. 
I truly am blessed and thank God everyday for His amazing gift to me on his Birthday!
I hope everyone has a truly magical Christmas and remembers to celebrate the birth of 
our Savior!

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