Thursday, February 25, 2010

Engagement Pictures!

These are a few of the engagement pictures we did back in December!
It was a lot of fun and I am excited to share them!

These were all taken by the very talented Lynn Daly!
We had a fun (cold) time walking around and taking pictures!
I was hoping to get some pictures in Charleston too, due to weather we couldn't really work it out for the Save The Date shoot, but we are hoping to get some free time to take some in the Holy City!

I also wanted to let yall know (if you don't already) that the Design Girl is having an awesome giveaway that ends soon! Head over to the link above and enter for a free blog makeover!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day today!
I had my karat-ay mid-term and boy was it tuff!
So I am relaxing on the couch about to watch American Idol, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice
and enjoy my second Skinny Cow Truffle bar! 
(seriously all of you need to go to the grocery now and pick them up, they are 100% pure bliss!)
mmmm hmmm!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A fabulous wedding for a fabulous bride!

This beautiful girl has been like a big sister to me since middle school.
She took to me to my first late night movie to meet up with a boy that she knew liked me.
She made me feel like such a grown up when we went up to her lake house all by ourselves.
She has shown me what it is to be a successful and married.
and she made me feel so honored when she asked me to do a reading in her fabulous wedding.
I am so blessed to have such an amazing friend like her.
I look so forward to her being my bridesmaid in our wedding.
Her wedding is hands down the most amazing wedding I have ever been to.
Not just because of the beautiful flowers, the food, or the band, but because it was so neat for me to witness someone who i have looked up to for so long get married.
The beautiful ceremony was outside on the lawn of a country club in our hometown.
It was decorated with all kinds of greenery and the chairs were actually wooden benches.
It was overlooking the beach and a string quartet played as she walked down the isle.
It was truly breathtaking.
The reception was in dimly lit room that gave off a orange glow.
They made the room contemporary using fabric to cover the chandeliers and add to the glow of the room.
The dance floor was a brilliant white that went along with the lounge area.
The flowers were arranged so uniquely and consisted of oranges and yellows against the green and brown of branches.
She also had an amazing bar made completely of ice with a "s" carved in it.
I was so excited that we got to sit at one of the cool tables with the tall vases!
Ashley's mom is one of my parents best friends.  She is such a beautiful lady!
and soooooo much fun to be with!
Ms. Debbie and Mrs. Vicki are giving me the bridesmaids luncheon on our wedding day!
I am soooo excited and thankful they are doing this for us!
There is only one word to describe this wedding: fabulous!
not to mention the most adorable flower girl and ring bearer!
Ash, thank you so much for being such an amazing friend to me.
I do not know what I would do without you in my life.
You are the big-sister I never had and look so forward to sharing many more memories together!
Kudos to the cutest and craziest!
Love you!!

all photos by Lynn Daly

***(edited) Ashley just made her own blog! Go visit her at Kudos to the Fun and Fabulous!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentines Day Recap!

Since Charlie and I have been in school we have gone to get barbecue on Valentines Day. 
So this year we went for Sunday buffet! It was sooooo good!!!!
Then we went back to my apartment and watched the Winter Olympics..
(I am seriously obsessed with the winter olympics, I really wish I could just stay home all day and watch every race and then eat dinner and come back and watch the prime time races! I LOVE them!)
So after watching the olympics we took the most beautiful 45 minute drive to.....

Hwy 21 Drive-In!!!!
I had never been to a drive in before and it was AMAZING!!!!!
We saw Valentines Day and ate hot dogs and FUNNEL CAKE!!
 It could not have been any better!
I hope everyone else had an amazing Valentines Day!
(honestly i need another funnel cake now!!!!!)

Friday, February 19, 2010


Tomorrow I have my 1st wedding dress fitting!
Im really excited to have the process started of getting my dress to fit right!
Then Charlie and I are headed back to Charleston for KA's formal.
Charlie was president of KA last year and the new pres called and asked if charlie would give the big toast!
I am soo happy he was asked, He didn't get to give the toast when he was president so im suuper excited!
Before Convivium (what the formal is called) we are going to Robs house for Pot Luck.
I (with the help of mom!!) am making a noodle and chicken casserole that mom makes.
Its wayy yummy!

Convivium is supposed to be black tie, but not everyone has a tux so, if they have one they are supposed to wear it.  Charlie has one so I think im gonna wear a long dress.
Probs the one I wore last year.. is that badd??
I dont think anyone will notice!
Its gonna be 60 degrees tomorrow!
WHOO HOO for warm weather!
I am soo ready for summer!!!!!

Oh and the band we hired for the wedding is playing behind Robs house for an Oyster festival.
So we are going to walk by and hear them!
That reminds me, I have to email the band a list of songs we fo sho want them to play.
Heres the list:
Wagonwheel-Old Crow Medicine Show
Sweet Home Alabama-Lynard Skynard
Oklahoma Breakdown- Stoney La Rue
Sweet Southern Moon-Benji Davis Project
Rich Girl-Holland Oats
Holy City- Edwin McCain
The Day that I die-Benji Davis Project
Up on Cripple Creek-The Band
Jack and Diane-John Mellancamp
Atlantic City- The Band

and i think we have decided on our first dance song!
I have to put these in order of importance to us...
but i think its already in that order!

k..time for bed...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

My beautiful momma celebrated her Birthday on February 8th!
My sis and I spent the weekend at home with her and unfortunately had to come back to school on monday..
But we had a fabulous weekend together!

I am so lucky to have a wonderful mom who cares so much for her children.
I know i have said this a million times about her, but she truly has the most wonderful heart and would do anything for anyone!
She is truly heaven sent and I hope to be exactly like her when I am a mom!

I love you mom!
Thank you so much for everything that you do for me and jenn and dad. 
If it were not for you this fam would probs be living in a van down by the river eating pancakes for every meal.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Excuses, excuses, excuses

There are no real excuses as to why I havent posted in SIXTEEN days!
I dont know whats up with me but everytime I went to open this little posting box, no words came to me!
None, notta, ZIPPO!
Its not that I havent had things going on!
I mean i didn't post when we found our invitations, or when we had a huge mess of addresses and red markers and save the dates covering our kitchen counter for a week, or when it SNOWED at the beach!
I especially feel bad about not posting on my moms bday!
What is going on with me!?
I almost felt guilty going to the google reader and not leaving a post of my own...
But in the next few days I will be posting on each of these events...
better late than never!

Hope everyone had an amazing Valentines Day and can find it in your sweet sweet hearts to forgive me again for not posting.........