Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wedding Wednesday!! (well thursday..)

Our wedding is June 12, 2010.
Here is a rundown of what we have picked out already:

Reception/ Ceremony Location
Pine Lakes Country Club

Ceremony will be on the lawn and the reception will be inside.
All of those windows on the first story are doors so they will all be open!

Blossoms Events

This is the only image I can find with their logo on it!
But they are a florist/event planner.
We are only using the florist because they only start event planning at like $100,000.
yeah definitely not in our budget....

Wedding Planner
A wonderful women named Della!
She is so sweet and has helped me organize my crazyness that is my wedding binder!

The binder (aka my sidekick/life/scrapbook/document holder/go to happy place!) is AMAZING!
If you can't tell i absolutely LOVE it! My future MIL purchased it for me on March 6, 2009
( i know im weird i remember weird things! haha)
and since that day i have filled to the rim with everything wedding i could find!
I will do a different blog post dedicated just to my planner!

Incredible Edible Cakes of Murrels Inlet
We won a hundred dollars off a wedding cake from them at the Wedding Show in Myrtle Beach!
That pretty much made up our mind on who we were going to use!
I couldn't find their emblem but the women's name is Myra and she is so sweet!

Wedding Dress!
I have found my wedding dress! yay! I found it on the first day of trying dresses on!
I went to Little White Dress bridal boutique of Myrtle Beach and they were so nice!

The boutique had not even had their grand opening yet and they let us come in early to try on dresses!
My mom, sister, charlie's mom and his sister came to help me.
I went through the store and picked out dresses i thought i would like,
tried them on and couldn't decide!
Then, another women, Melanie, that worked there brought in a dress she thought i would like.
I LOVED it! I am so happy sure brought it in.  It is the perfect dress!
Lyndsay helped me and she made me feel so comfortable!
It really was the perfect experience!

Our photographer is the second thing we picked.
We knew we had to have Lynn Daly.
She photographed my bridesmaid, Ashley's wedding and she has the most beautiful pictures!

This is Ash, such a beautiful bride and such a beautiful picture!
Lynn also is crazy! She likes to get down on the dance floor and have a good time!
Which is exactly what we like!
I am so excited for her to shoot our engagement pictures!
Lynn also has an awesome blog that you can find here:
(and beautiful ash made the banner picture!! yay!!)

My dad is the video ministries director at our church
so he has asked two of his helpers from church to video our wedding!
Then dad will make a video out of it.
I am so excited about this because
first off: Videographers are sooooo expensive! Its nice to have something for free!
and secondly: I think it will be so sweet to have my dad make the video!
There will definitely be that personal touch that i love so much!

I know there is more but i can't think of it all right now!
I don't have my trusty binder by my side to tell me...haha

Now that i have all of the big details, all that im missing are the little ones, which are getting to me!
I am so fine with picking out the people who i want to do everything but when it comes to the little touches i am completely lost!

Like finding shoes that will be the same size heel as ones that i haven't picked out yet..
if that makes any sense.. haha
I have my heart set on making a huge purchase and buying Christian Louboutins as my Wedding shoe!
I really want blue shoes for a pop and for my something blue!

I love these! I love how funky and playful they are!
but i haven't decided yet..
I am supposed to go into the bridal boutique this weekend with shoes the height of what i want..
So they can order my dress longer if they need to.
This is sooo challenging to me! i dont know why because it seems soo simple!
Im think 3 to 4 inch heels.  I don't think i could do anything over that!

and choosing bridesmaid dresses.
Bridesmaids dresses are so tricky because (i know everyone says this) i really want to pick out something they will wear again.
I was thinking about a dress in the same color but whatever style they want.
I think that will help in making them feel comfortable and in having something i know they liked because they picked it out!!

Also, i have 9 bridesmaids which is quite a lot and i don't want it to look like a crazy lineup of one color and one style.

I cannot think of anything else!! haha i tried to post this last night but my internet wasn't working so.....
Here goes the second try!!


  1. Cuute!! Where is your wedding venue? And for dresses, I used the same color, different style idea & used B2 from Jasmine. Good luck!

  2. Aww thanks! its at Pine Lakes. I forgot to put it up there but thanks for reminding me! I'll look in to B2. Thanks!

  3. Jess Jess! I love reading your thoughts on your everything, you are so precious! You MUST HAVE the Christian Louboutin's, it's a FABULOUS idea, I love it!

    Hoping to see you on Friday to eat lunch and do Juicy's! Much love, Debbie

  4. BEAUTIFUL! I look forward to reading your blog and watching your beautiful wedding being planned! My wedding is actually a week before yours! :)