Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I had a blog post planned for today but something HUGE happened and i HAVE to share!!!!

My sister and I are THE BIGGEST Kelly Clarkson fans!!
 My sister (Jenn) has met her twice and i have met her once!
We have seen her in concert 3 times and.....
 today i found out we are going to see her for the FOURTH time!!!!!!!!
I am so so so so so excited i can barely contain myself!
December 10th we will be rocking out in Columbus Georgia!
We also are in the KC fan club so hopefully we will get to meet her again!!!
Literally, i cannot wait!

This is my sister, me, KELLY CLARKSON!, and the girl my sister and I babysat that loves KC too!!!

KC and her band a the show tonight in New York!!

ALSO!! for being in the Kelly Clarkson fan club you get the option of purchasing VIP 1 or 2 tickets!  the VIP 1 tickets get you and 29 other people a private concert with her and her band, ipod speakers with her lyrics on them, a t-shirt, a tour book, free food, and free drinks!!!!! yayyyyyyyyyy!!!
Oh and ALSO you get FRONT or SECOND row tickets guaranteed!!!!!
If you think this couldn't get any better it sooo does because....

on the way there we get to go here:

The Chick-fil-a original restaurant!!!!!!!
I LOVE chick-fil-a!
THE best sweet tea anywhere!
Only christian music is played!
The sweet old ladies who offer you pepper from the biggest pepper grinders i have ever seen!!!!!

Honestly, it could not get better!

Lastly, Kelly clarkson has two backup singers named Jill and Kate.
 They met KC in a meet and greet and gave her their demo and Kelly hired them as backup singers!!!
What an amazing job they have!  They are also absolutely amazing singers in their own right!

also i tried to embed this youtube video but couldn't figure it out!!
But click on the link below to hear Kelly, Jill, and Kate singing Miley Cyrus' "The Climb"
I personally cannot stand Miley but i loved the lyrics to her song and i am sooo glad that they recorded this!

Well its time for bed!!!!!!

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  1. This is Amazing!! Im soo excited and i Love your blog!!!Your the best Love you!!!