Monday, October 19, 2009


Today was my first Sociology of Peace class.
 I admit i signed up for the class because i needed the credits
and i heard the woman teaching was a great teacher.
 So i decided i couldn't go wrong!
 This class will probably be my favorite class of my entire college experience.
I wish i would have taken it earlier!
The class is obviously centered around Peace.
My professor started a program in Charleston called
It is a program dedicated to informing the community about peace and establishing peace for one day.
We were asked to describe what peace meant to us.
This was a task that left me thinking until time was almost up!
Peace is not easy to describe and it can be many things to many people.
I decided to write down any words or phrases that came to mind when i thought of the word Peace.

Peace is love.  Peace is individuality.  Peace is working together.  Peace is acceptance.  Peace is breaking the norm.  Peace is believing.  Peace is acting out for a greater good.  Peace is an expression.  Peace is a lifestyle.  Peace is forgiveness.  Peace is motivation.  Peace is understanding.  Peace is respect.

We then were asked to write what negative words or phrases are associated with peace.

religion, war, voting party, hippies, idealism, unattainable, radical, looseminded.

She told us that we would come back to these at the end of class and see how it has changed.
It will be interesting to look back at this.
We also watched the first half of a movie called Peace One Day.  I highly recommend this movie it is incredibly eye-opening and a great movie to show in our class.  I cannot wait to see the end.
I love classes that make you think.  In just the first 2 hours of this class i have gotten more out of it than any other class i have been in for 7 weeks now.
I am looking so forward to this class!

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