Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Story

Charlie and I first met in Ms. O'Hanlan's Second Grade Class.  
We both sat the same spaceship table!
It was here that Charlie first asked me if i liked him, according to him, I said "sometimes".  
I, on the other hand do not remember this question whatsoever!  
Our moms became friends and encouraged us to speak to each other. 
 I didn't listen to my mom because boys were yucky! 
 Especially Charlie!  Just kidding!
 At the end of that year Charlie signed my yearbook with "Youre prety, call me" 
and then he wrote his home phone number.  
What a ladies man! 
We then went to fourth grade where we found each other in the same class once again.  
Charlie broke his knee this year and i remember seeing him in a place like Chuck-e-cheese and i felt so sorry for him because he was in a wheelchair and could not play with everyone. 
 I went and told my mom and then i came back and saw him literally inside the play place on his wheelchair chasing people! 
 I didn't feel sorry for him after then!
I then went to private school and only saw charlie a few times between 4th grade and 10th grade. 
I came back to public school in 11th grade and saw Charlie the first day of school. 
We both went home and told our moms that we saw each other and once again they told us to speak!  We both thought we didn't remember each other. 
 Then our moms ran into each other at, of all places, Bass Pro Shops!  
They told each other what we said and they came home and told us.  
We kept smiling at each other in the halls but never spoke.  
We had the same friends so we had exchanged phone numbers and started speaking some..then the night before our first SAT test Charlie called me and asked if i would go to the movie with him and some "other people". 
 I said yes and he said he was going to call the "other people".  
Needless to say there never was anyone else he just wanted to act like there was! 
 So we went to the movies and saw that movie where Paris Hilton gets killed!  Great first date movie!  We drove around after and found a a little drive thru gas station that we named our secret place! 
 The next day we went to take the SAT test and were standing around talking to our friends who didn't know we had been out the night before.  We were trying to play it cool and keep our secret! 
 I did not do so well on that first SAT test!  We started dating and have been together ever since!  
We went to both proms together and went to the same college together.  
On the day we will marry we will have been together for a little over 5 years.
He is such a sweet guy and i can't wait to spend forever with him!

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