Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy Second Birthday Hadley!!

August 30, 2015

Today, you turned TWO!!!!!!!!!!  

We had such a fun day starting with singing you happy Birthday in your crib! You were sooo excited and had the biggest smile on your face. 

Then we decided to have Waffle Time on the beach!! It was so pretty and so fun to be at the beach in the morning for breakfast. You loved seeing the waves and putting your feet in. You normally run straight for the waves but today you had fun being the sand and walking with daddy.

Daddy took you to see a fisherman and you loved seeing him with all of his gear! You also got to see a "really big boat"! So you loved that too! 

We left the beach when it started to rain a little and headed for the park. As soon as we arrived it stopped raining and we got to play. You went down a "really big slide" and loved it! You also really enjoyed watching the trucks go by and picking up "really big pinecones"! 

We then headed to Grammy and Dats so they could give you your birthday presents. You got some cute clothes, bitty baby accessories and  and adorable pink kitchen playset that was fully loaded with play food! You LOVED it!!! 

It was then time for lunch!! We went to your fav, Pine Lakes! You had so much fun as the birthday girl and all eyes were on you! We even brought another cake so we could sing happy birthday and celebrate! 

After nap we headed to nana and buddy's for a yummy dinner and MORE presents!! They surprised you with a whole room in their house that is just for you and Ella when she gets older! 

It has a grocery store, double doll stroller, basketball goal and even a princess four wheeler that you call your motorcycle!! ☺️

We had so much fun playing in your new room! After dinner we had ANOTHER cake that had Spider-Man, memo and Cookie Monster on it!! It was AWESOME and you loved it. 

We came home and rocked you extra long on the night of your second birthday. We had a fun filled busy long day and it was son nice to rock, read and pray with you. You and your sister are the greatest gifts God could give your daddy and u. We are so blessed to have you in our life and you make us better people. We had so much fun with you today and are so. So proud of you and ALWAYS will be no matter what. 

Some quick stats about you on your second birthday!!

You weigh 26 pounds (45%)
You are 34 inches tall (70%)
You are in size 4 diapers with a little bit of interest in using the potty.
You wear size 18-24 month clothes and 2T.
You can say a million different words and are starting you form pretty long sentences. 
You say, "Hold you", "Rock you", "help you" when you want any of those things. It's pretty much my fav thing!
You sleep from 7-7 and take a 2 hour nap from 12-2. 

We are so in love with you! Happy happy birthday sweet girl!

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