Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hadley's Second Birthday Party

August 29,  2015

The day before Hadley turned 2 we had a "Bubbles and Brunch" birthday party at Grammys house. It was sooo much fun and a day I will always smile thinking about.

We started off the party with breakfast foods and of course doughnuts!  Hadley is OBSESSED with doughnuts so i knew they had to make an appearance at her 2nd bday.  I had a doughnut cake made from charleston and Hadley got a little doughnut tower of her very own. I think it was a hit! 

Ella and Hadley had matching "bubble" dresses that were so cute. When Hadley saw Ella all dressed up she looked at her and said "Ella pretty!!!"! She is the cutest! Then when Hadley put on her matching dress she was patting it saying "Ella" and smiling so big. I love the way Hadley's loves Ella! 

After some yummy doughnut time, we had a quick wardrobe change to the cutest shirt aunt Liney got and headed out to the bubbles!!!

There was a bubble refill station, a bubble wrap dance party, a giant bubble pool, a "bubble" ball pit, a water table with bubble bath inside, and her teepee complete with Spider-Man, a shark, and choo choo train!!  All of the kids had so much fun and the adults had fun watching!!

Our families, Lillian, Decklan and Davis, Wils and Elle, Caroline Page, and Caroline all came with their families and had so much fun. I loved seeing Hadley play with all of the other kids and it actually made feel a lot more excited about school starting this week. 

One of the funniest moments of he party was when Charlie was putting Hadley inside a bubble and she plopped down and started trying to swim in the little pool of bubble mixture! It was sooooo funny. She stood up, was soaking wet and took off running to the next fun thing to play with. Eventually we had to empty the bubble pool and fill it with regular water so Hadley could play!

Wils and Elle took over the bubble wrap dance floor and did some pretty amazing dancing and singing to frozen songs! It was the cutest thing to watch!!  The ball pit was also a huge hit and they all loved belly flopping in!!

Hadley played and played soooo hard and had the best day. My heart grew a little bit when everyone was singing her Happy Birthday and she had the biggest smile on her face. She even (almost) blew out the birthday candles on her own. It was such a fun day and I wish we could do it all over again and have so much fun! 

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