Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Annual Meeting

This weekend was the B&C meeting.  Most of our family was in town and you got to meet so many new cousins!

It's always such a fun weekend seeing our family and catching up.
When I was little we used to look so forward to the meeting because we would get to go with all of our other cousins and play in the arcade or go to the aquarium. One time we went to nascar speed park and played in the arcade pretty much the whole time. We left with a huge trash bag full of stuffed animals from the claw machine! We are convinced it was rigged!! One day you willl get to go play with your little cousins too! While we all sit in a boring meeting... 
In addition to meeting your little cousin Naia, you also got to meet your big Alaslan cousin, Kyle!

Kyle is almost the same age as mommy and he used to live in Alaska! Isn't that cool?!? I think it's pretty cool and I ask him about a trillion questions about it regularly!

It used to snow so much that the snow went all the way up to the roof! The crazy thing is, he still had to go to work. He said that school and work aren't closed for too much snow. They only ever close when it's too warm and all of the snow melts and turns to ice!

He also took some pretty awesome pictures of the wildlife there. I think he's pretty cool...
Anyway, he loved meeting you! You were so good and nice and let him hold you. It was so sweet!

We went to Grandma Carolyn's with everyone Saturday night after the meeting and we all got to play. It was so much fun. I can't believe that next year you will be running all over the place playing with Naia and your new little cousin. We will have so much fun!

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