Saturday, June 14, 2014

Anniversary Trip

On June 12th your dad and I celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary! 

Luckily, he had off work the 12th and 13th so we packed up and headed to Charleston to celebrate.
You stayed with Grammy and Grandad and y'all had sooo much fun. I received so many pictures of you so that made me super happy and it made me feel more comfortable leaving you. I was sad to leave for a few days and be out of the same town as you but we had so much fun and you they had fun spending time with you!
We left the morning of our anniversary. Your Grammy came and picked you up before your first nap and after we took a quick nap too, we were off!
When we arrived we went to Closed for Business for lunch. We went here once in college and have always wanted to go
back! It was yummmm!
After lunch we walked down king street and shopped some. It's so fun visiting especially with your dad because we share so many funny stories from college.
We stopped in the apple store and I was surprised to learn that I could upgrade my phone! I was so excited because my old phone had been through it and I was more than ready for an upgrade!
After getting my brand new, pretty, gold iphone, we walked back through campus and went back to the apartment to get ready for dinner!
You will quickly see that this whole trip revolves around eating....
When we were in college we would go to Magnolias to celebrate our dating anniversary (May 22nd) so we followed with that tradition and had Magnolias for dinner. We even took a pedicab on the way there!

When we arrived we were surprised with complimentary champagne to celebrate our anniversary! What a fun surprise! 
I ordered the always amazing Shellfish Over Grits. 

Your dad ordered the Fried Chicken plate! 

Both were always!
After spending time sitting and talking about what we each thought would happen or wanted to happen in the next year, we went across the street to a place called, The Gin Joint.
We sat outside and watched the people walk by and enjoyed the wonderful weather. That was probably one of my favorite parts of our trip. 

In following our theme of eating, we ended the night at kaminskys. We switched up a bit though and got our cake to go and took a pedicab back to the apartment. 
We woke up (late) Friday morning and headed to Caviar and Bananas for a chocolate croissant and iced coffee! 

While we ate and sat outside we checked on you and made sure everything was going ok. Grammy said y'all were having fun and that you slept well the night before! I started missing you even more after we talked to her but it's important for us to spend time together and for you to have time with your grandparents!

After breakfast we stopped by the house that used to be the KA house. So many fun memories we both have of that house! 

We continued walking around the back streets of downtown. We just headed towards the water and went down whichever street we had never been on. 

It was soo fun to explore all of the houses and architecture. We both love looking at the houses in Charleston and walking around.

It was pretty hot but still so much fun, we ended at the battery and walked through the shaded park before heading back for lunch at Husk.
Husk is a restaurant we had heard so much about and seen on tv many times. Your dad has been wanting to go there since it opened. We finally got reservations and were so excited to try it out.
Thank goodness it was nice and cool!
We sat down and both decided we wouldn't be moving for a while!
For our appetizer, we shared cornbread and your dad got Pig Ear Lettuce Wraps..........
Yes, real pigs ear...

He convinced me to try it and they were actually pretty good.
But the cornbread was MUCH better!!

For lunch, I ordered Quail and Charlie got the Pork special.

Both were amazing.

After lunch we walked over to the market and took a carriage tour.
We have been on probably 10 Carriage Tours, but it's one of my favorite things to do. We even got a route that we have never been on (that I can remember). It took us down some if the streets we walked earlier and we got to see so much more of genuine architecture of downtown, rather than the same things everybody sees. 
We did the tour right and had a caramel apple while riding!!

After a quick trip through the market we headed back to the apartment to rest. 
We relaxed and took a little nap before going to Halls for dinner. 
We sat at the bar and enjoyed some more complimentary champagne and the best prime rib ever.
On the way back to the apartment we stopped at a new ice cream shop called Jeni's. Unfortunately I can't have much dairy while feeding you (I was pumping) so I got Poached Pear sorbet and Charlie got Salted caramel and Savannah Buttermint. I had a little bite and it was amazing.
We visited a rooftop bar before heading back for a mini Office marathon before bed!
When we woke up the next morning we packed up and took a drive down king street to the battery before heading out of town.
Aunt Caroline just bought a house in Mt. Pleasant so we stopped to visit before ending our trip with lunch at Boulevard Diner.

We had such a fun couple of days spending time together and celebration 4 years of marriage and 9 years of being together. We missed you so much and I even almost made your dad drive me back to get you the first night!! I just wanted to hold you!! But we had so much fun and I'm glad we stayed and enjoyed the time together! 
I'm holding you extra tight tonight though and rocking you a little longer than normal!! 

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