Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reece's Wedding

We spent last Saturday in Charleston for Reece's wedding!

We had a fun but very long day!
It was Harley Week that weekend so we left early to try and beat the bikers.
We did beat the bikers but despite leaving at naptime, you barely got any sleep. 
When we arrived at Aunt Sis's apartment we got you changed and fed and headed to the farmers market. 

We put out a little blanket and had so much fun with you! 

I wish we could do that every weekend. You really enjoyed being outside and seeing all of the people and other babies!

We tried to walk around and shop but you really wouldn't fall asleep and I knew 
that you had a big day ahead, so we headed back to aunt Sis's apartment.  
You napped for a little bit and we had lunch and then headed back to Marion square. 

You did so good spending time on the park. I wish we could do that all the time!!
Nana and Grandbuddy finally arrived so we headed back and got ready for the wedding. 

This is the first wedding you had ever been to and I was nervous!!!!!
Thank goodness aunt sis was there or I would have gone a little crazy!!
You wore a dress that Grammys friend made just for you. It is so pretty and was just perfect for the wedding. 

The wedding was at Francis Marion, just around the corner from the apartment. 
We just carried you at first and brought your sakura bloom sling just in case. 
Aunt sis was so nice and walked around with you outside during the ceremony. 
The ceremony was beautiful. 

Reece is Mrs. Vicki's son. Mrs. Vicki was the most amazing, loving, funny, caring second mom to me. I wear a "V" on my charm necklace along with your "H" for her.  

Unfortunately Mrs Vicki lost her battle with breast cancer a few years ago. It really hit all of us hard. My family grew up with Reece and his family. We would take trips together and camping every year. I have so many funny stories of mrs Vicki and I'm sure you have heard most of them or will hear them over and over in the future!!!
I can't imagine how Reece was feeling without his mom there to see him get married. It was laying heavy on my heart all day.
As soon as the ceremony started the room filled with a loving calm feeling. I had never experienced something like that. You could truly feel her presence in the room. It was amazing.
Dr. Crimes said some loving words about Mrs. Vicki and I'm sure there was not a dry eye on the grooms side. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended. I'm so thankful to Reece for including us in his special day and allowing us to experience something so amazing.

(This is you with Mrs, Vicki's mom, Mrs. Funderburk. She loves you soo much!). 

You did really well considering it was bedtime and you hadn't really napped all day. But aunt sis and I decided to leave the reception pretty early and Grandbuddy and nana stayed to finish dinner and have cake!

We were going straight from the wedding to the Lakehouse so we wanted to go ahead and get on the road hoping you would fall asleep and sleep for a while!
We had a crazy busy day but it was so much fun and I'm so glad you got to attend your first wedding. And what a special wedding to make your first! You did sleep pretty much the whole way to the lake which was such a welcomed blessing!! ;) 

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