Friday, May 30, 2014

Family Play Day!

You got to meet your sweet cousin, Naia today! She is about 8 months older than you are. It was so fun to watch y'all interact and play together!

She kept giving your Paci and then taking it away to give it back again! It was so cute!

She loved to play with you in your jumpy. She even got to try it out!

We also learned today that her mom, Cali, is expecting another baby! So you will have a little baby cousin!!!
We had so much fun playing with them and will get to play again tomorrow.
You were so tired from your play date that you fell asleep on the 3 minute ride back to our house! After we got you in the crib, you woke up and made a little noise and I looked at the monitor and saw this!

Looks like we will be moving that, and lowering the crib AGAIN!! 
After nap time, your daddy and I took you to the park for the first time! 

You swung in the swing and loved it! We just had one scary moment when you lifted your legs up in the swing and tried to stand up!!!

You even went down the slide sitting in mommys lap! 

It was such a fun day and we were so happy that daddy could play with us. We will both be ready for the end of June when his schedule goes back to normal and we have more time to be with him. He makes everything so much more fun!!!
We love you so much sweet baby! 

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