Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First Trimester

I am currently in my 3rd trimester with just over 6 weeks until "mini" arrives.
I thought I would recap each trimester with a bump picture, my symptoms and products that were completely necessary to me!

The First Trimester
My first trimester lasted from the end of December 2012 to the beginning of March 2013.
Thankfully I didn't experience extreme morning sickness.
I never got sick but i felt nauseous pretty much all day.
I would wake up feeling pretty bad until i had a good breakfast.
Before being pregnant I would normally either skip breakfast or have cereal.
Neither of those were an option.
Cereal for breakfast was pretty much the worst idea ever, it always made me feel awful all day.
But i found a solution, chicken biscuits from chick fil a!
I went to Chick Fil A almost every morning.
They were literally the only think I found that didn't make me feel sick.
The employees  got to know me really well during the first trimester!
For real..I seriously had a problem...I would rotate between two Chick Fil A's in our town so they wouldn't think I was completely insane!
I also had to keep snacking throughout the day to keep from feeling bad.
Large meals or not eating made me feel pretty awful.

It was a weird couple of months because no one really knew and I felt like I was walking around with this HUGE secret!
Yet I still felt like everyone knew.
We didn't tell our parents until I was almost 10 weeks pregnant.
Both my mom and his dad's birthday are 2 days apart and we decided that was the time to tell them.
So until then, when we would have dinner with them or go to either house i just knew that they knew i was preggo.
One night his mom asked if I wanted some ginger ale and i looked at Charlie with the biggest eyes ever.
They all say they had no idea, but im not convinced!

I was also scared the entire time.
I thought that every twinge meant something was wrong.
Going to my first doctors appointment eased so many of my worries but I probably didn't truly calm down until the 20 week ultrasound.

The products that really helped me the 1st Trimester are: 

(one) Crane Humidifier.  
This baby is a life saver, i would wake up each morning at around 4 (no joke..every.single.morning) and need 500 tissues. 
Im so happy we got this, and so is my husband....

(two) Victorias Secret Yoga Leggings
I 100% lived in these.  
I would wear them to work, with a fancy top and boots, then straight to bed with a t-shirt.

(three) Big Water Bottle with Straw
When I went to the doctor for my first appointment, she said i wasn't drinking enough water.
She wanted me to drink around 80oz of water and I was no where near that.
SO i bought a cute water bottle with a straw and it really helped me drink a lot more.
I take it with me everywhere.
(Tervis sells straws to go with this bottle so i bought a pack and just kept one in there at all times)

(four) Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter
My skin got soo dry that normal lotion was not cutting it.
So i picked this up for under 5 dollars and I'm OBSESSED.

There are other things like my iPad and that stupid Candy game that I spent hours playing. 
But these 4 things really stand out.

And for the Bump Pic.
When I took this i felt like it was the first time i saw a little bump.
This was taken February 20th which was around week 11.
Looking back i see NOTHING compared to what i see now!!

And this next pic is the day we found out I was pregnant.
At this point I had no idea my life was about to change.
Its just crazy to think I was sitting at the vet with my cat 
and then that night I found out we were having a baby.


  1. Were you able to wear those leggings for a while? I'll have to check those out, but obviously it's a little hot for them now. I had the same problem with being nauseous all day, and the constant snacking definitely helped!

  2. I can still wear them. They have a huge band that folds over the top but now i just unfold the band over my ginormo belly! Some of them have little crystals on them that spell pink or something so i had to find ones that didnt for when you unfold them. It makes it more comfortable. I got some leggings from motherhood and like the PINK ones wayy better.