Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Festival

Today was a big day for you little girl!!
You went to the nursery at church for the very first time and went to a fall festival!

To start our big day off, daddy made us a yummy breakfast of eggs and bacon!
It was soo good and you LOVED the eggs!!

We were hoping you would get a good long nap before church but you always have a way of surprising us!!!! Your nap was pretty much nonexistent this morning despite our best attempts!!

We headed off to church a little early and saw Grandbuddy before taking you to the nursery. You didn't want to leave him at all!

I was so nervous to leave you in the nursery because it's a new environment for you and I didn't know how you would adjust. We kissed you and left without you knowing. 

I sat in church clinching tightly to the pager so I wouldn't miss it's vibrating in case you needed us!!

After church we all headed to pick you up and you did pretty good. I could tell there were some tears and you were sooo tired. I think you gave your teachers a run for their money!! But it will get better each week and you will make some amazing friends!

After church we went to lunch with nana and buddy and had some more eggs!!

Then we headed to the fall festival at brookgreen gardens. We built a scarecrow and walked around the zoo. It was a lot of fun to be with all of our famy and celebrate your dad's favorite season!!!! 

We had a great day with you today and we look so forward to many more!!

(I haven't been updating as much as usual because you decide you like to sit up to fall asleep while I'm holding you and it's kind of hard to type on my phone without distracting you!!)

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