Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy Weekend!

First off, thanks soo much for all of the Congratulations! I am soo happy to be done with tests and papers for a while!! It really is a great feeling!

On to the BUSY Weekend!!
Charlie's sister got my mom, me, charlie, jenn, rob, and her mom tickets to see Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw in Charleston for Thursday night!
We drove down thursday afternoon after a meeting with the wedding planner and of course went straight to Jim n Nicks for the barbecue!!
Then it was concert time!!
We got down to our seats and they were SECOND ROW!
Caroline is literally amazing and always gets us awesome seats to concerts!
Mom was soo excited to be there and loved lady antebellum.
I was just as excited to see them as I was to see Tim McGraw.
They did awesome and I am officially obsessed with "Our Kind of Love" well the entire "Need You Now"cd i'm listening to it right now and it will probably play through over and over for the night!!
(taken from my iphone so its obvs not very good!)

Ahh another AWESOME song just came on! 
"Hello World"
seriously this is an amazing cd!
haha anyway...

Tim McGraw was next!
and i have to say he is one tiny man!!
He is SUPER skin-nay and quite short...
but very cute and muscular!!!
oh and his jeans were soo tight i thought they were going to bust right open!
But of course he was awesome!
I knew almost every song and i love to sing out loud and dance around at concerts!!
He sang the song, "If your reading this" and i have listened to that song a lot of times but never realized it was about a soldier dying...
I mean i guess i realized it, it just never sunk in before.
It was an amazing song and he had some awesome pictures of soldiers going while he sang.
It was beautiful.
and it brought a whole new meaning to me with charlie possibly going in to the military.
It made me sad, but also very proud of him and his courage, strength, and love he has for his country.
and for all of the soldiers and just how truly amazing they are to serve for our freedom..

k lets get back to the weekend!

Charlie's mom has always wanted to go to a Tim McGraw concert and it was on her "bucket list".
So she was definitely in her glory!
There was a catwalk in front of us and she and caroline reached out there hands as far as they could and tim mcgraw grabbed both of them!
So of course they both freaked out and the next time he came over there mrs. diez was waving a pen and notepad in the air for him to sign!
He didn't but she sure was trying!!!
It was soooo much fun! 
Oh and they each got a guitar pick!
After the concert mom and mrs diez drove back home and charlie, jenn, rob, and i stayed in charleston.
We woke up the next morning and started packing up things from my apartment.
It was really sad!!
I spent three years in there..but jenn will now have it all to her self and i get to come visit whenever I want!
Charlie and I also picked up our diplomas, which are HUGE!!!!!

Saturday morning we woke up at 9 to head to target for cleaning supplies for our big MOVE IN TO OUR NEW APARTMENT!!!
We are soo excited!
Its a two bedroom two bath in an apartment complex with an awesome pool!!
I took pictures before we moved everything in so i will post those soon! 
and of course the after pictures!!
Both families came to help carry a bunch of super heavy furniture up 40 stairs! 
another awesome song.."When You Got a Good Thing"
this is probably, no, its definitely my favorite song on the cd...
They were so sweet to work so hard to help us get all moved in.
If charlie and I had to do it alone.....
I certainly would still be pushing the washer up the third stair right now..
We are so thankful for them!
The moving ended around 7 when we ordered a pizza and waited for the furniture people to bring our living room set.
The guys were excited to sit back and eat pizza while other people did all of the heavy lifting!
Today we went back over to hang some pictures and it looks AMAZING!!
I feel like a real live adult!

We also picked out napkins and programs today so I am working on the info for the program!
27 more days..
I cannot believe it.
Before I know it I will be sitting on our pretty light yellow couch in OUR own apartment with a husband!


  1. I'm totally jealous! I bet the concert was awesome! had uuuu-mazing seats! could've blew him a kiss and it would've landed on Timmy!

    I went to see Justin Timberlake and Pink...and they said, not pictures, no camera's. I was so bummed, because I listened and didn't bring my camera, but everyone else had theirs! So NOT fair!!!! Good thing you had your IPhone:)

    Your big day will be here before you know it! Wooohoo!

  2. I am glad you had fun at the concert. Jenn is now OBSESSED about how short Tim McGraw. haha.

    I hope everything is going well in the planning on the wedding! i can't believe its almost here, I know you can't either. Good luck in the new apartment. They are always fun!!!

  3. Ahhhhh, so jealous. I missed Tim this year and was WAY bummed about it!