Sunday, January 24, 2016

Doughnuts for Dads

On Wednesday Hadley had doughnuts for dads at school. 

Daddy got to take her to school, walk her in, have doughnuts and play in the classroom with her! 

He said when y'all got there, you grabbed him by the hand and said, "I'll take you inside daddy". Soooo sweet!! I wish that I could have been there to play with y'all and see you so proud to show off the school that you love to your daddy!

He said you proudly walked him in until you got in the hall and looked at all the people and then up at him and said "hold  you!"  Y'all dropped your backpack off, picked up some doughnuts and OJ and went back to your classroom to play. 
He said you are the doughnut in about three seconds and then starting showing off your favorite toys. A camera and dump truck topped the list. 

You started taking photos of everyone and everything! 

Your friends Wils and Elle came in with their daddy and you pulled up a chair next to them and sat while they are their doughnuts! 

When it was time for daddy to leave, you started to get upset and wanted to him to sing hush little baby! So he sang it and then gave you to ms heather. 

Daddy had so much fun and I was pretty jealous that I didn't get to go! I have to wait until May for Muffins for Moms!!

When I picked you up, ms Shannon said she gave you an m&m after daddy left and it made you feel better!

She also said that you went potty at school!! She gave you another m&m and celebrated you at circle time! I am sooo proud of you!!!!! 

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