Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hadley's First Day of School!

September 2nd

Today was Hadley's very first day of school! 
She is in the ones class with 11 other little ones and 3 wonderful teachers. 

Charlie and I both were able to take her on her first day. I was so nervous for the days (weeks, months) leading up to it! I was worried about sending her to a school a couple mornings a week right after Ella was born would make her feel like we didn't want her around!! We had been talking about school
For a while, reading books about going to school and teaching her the teachers names. She was so excited to wear her backpack but had no idea what was coming. 

We woke up and made her a yummy big breakfast, dressed her in her school clothes and said a little prayer for a wonderful first day (for all of us)! 

When we first got there everyone was taking cute pictures on the steps... This was ours ☺️☺️

For the first couple of weeks, the parents are supposed to walk them into the school and stand at a gate in front of the classroom. The teacher comes over says hello to them and takes them from the parent and we are supposed to leave quickly and not linger. They called it the bandaid effect. I had Ella in the sling so Charlie carried her in. I gave her a hug and a kiss as we were walking up to the school. I was sooo nervous!!

We got to the classroom and mrs Mel saw Hadley and came to the gate. She was so so so sweet to Hadley as Charlie handed her over. We said we loved her and she turned and looked at is and started crying! We had to turn away and keep walking. It was sooo sad!! We got to the end of the hall and Charlie turned around and went back to look through a little window and look at her! He came back and said she was sitting in mrs Mel's lap and not crying!!! Yay!!!!

Charlie and I headed to chick fil a and then home. I did not shed one tear, but I felt like it!!! We watched tv and counted down the hours until we could pick her up!! Charlie ended up having to go to work so I went alone to pick her up.
To pick up, i went in the school and her teacher brought her out to me. Hadley was so so so tired but didn't cry and was happy to see me and Ella. The teacher said she did really well and was just sleepy. 
She sent us the pictures above and I LOVED seeing her happy (kinda??) at her new school. The rest of the day she talked about her teacher. I love her school so much and I hope she loves it just as much as I do!!!! She did tell me multiple times, "Haddie cried at school".  I hope she will be ok with going back in a few days!!! 

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