Saturday, July 26, 2014

Aunt Sis Day and a Dedication!

On Saturday we celebrated a day called Aunt Sis Day! It's like mothers day or fathers day but for Aunt Sis. She does so much to help with you that we thought she deserved her own day!

We woke and up and picked up a few presents for aunt sis and then she met us at home to rock you for your nap. She fed you a bottle and after some serous laughter you were out!

When you woke up we went to the park and then to Nana and Grandbuddys house.

We had your aunt sis' favorite meal of turkey and Mac and cheese. You had never tried turkey before and you LOVED it! You could not get enough and I was not feeding it to you fast enough either! 

We even had an Aunt Sis Day cake! 

It was such a fun day celebrating her and everything she does for you. I have no idea what I would do without her. 

On Sunday we had a church dedication for you. We already your big one at home but we still wanted to be a part of the church one. 

You were up on stage with a set of twin boys who were soo cute! 

He dedicated you first and you did not like him touching you! You squirmed like crazy! You were talking up a storm and waving and laughing at aunt sis in the congregation. Your daddy and I just kept laughing at each other! At one point I even had to put you on the ground because you wanted to explore. Then....the pastor almost stepped on you. I swooped in and saved you! It was so funny but I was so glad to be off that stage!!! 

I really enjoyed the way they did the baby dedication. We had to come up with 3-5 words that describe how we want you to be when you grow up. Our words were:
Hard Working
We also had to choose two special people to pray over you and we chose your Nana and Grammy.

After the dedication we went to the nursery with you since it was your first time in there. You had fun playing with everyone and did really good! (I'm still a tad worried about the whole germ thing....but I need to get over that!!)

We went to Pine Lakes for lunch and you did great! You were the perfect angel at lunch and it was such a great way to end a fun weekend celebrating you. We love you with all of our hearts and can't wait to watch you grow in Gods love and see the amazing girl you will turn out to be. 

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