Sunday, March 21, 2010

A wonderful Bridal Shower!

Update: Thanks so much everyone for praying for my cousins.  They are still in orlando, and running some tests on Charlie.  We are praying for good results, so they can make plans to come back home!

Last week three wonderful ladies threw me the most amazing bridal shower!
It was so beautiful and perfect!
The shower was held in the parlor of our church, which is already beautiful, but they decorated in such a precious and perfect way.
I was so happy to see all of my friends and family and it gave me a preview of how amazing ti will be to have all of our loved ones together for our wedding day.  I could not have asked for a more perfect shower or day and I am so thankful to everyone who helped in giving me such a fabulous shower!

When we first arrived there was a pretty pink balloon and sign letting everyone know where to go for the shower!

As soon as we walked in we all headed right to the amazing cake!
Which tasted just as amazing as it looked!
They had the yummiest food including lemon bars, which are one of my favorites!
They even added the m&ms to the candles to commemorate how charlie asked me to marry him!!

They gave me such a sweet corsage! 
It really made it sink in that I was getting married!
Please excuse the hair, i had a minor straightening fiasco...

Two of my bridesmaids, Margaret Ann (green) and Lauren (blue) helped there moms in putting together the shower.
They were so sweet to help and did a wonderful job, it was great to see them again!
(the monday after, Lauren got engaged in DISNEY!!!whoo hoo!!)
Our other friend Christen (purple) also came to help celebrate!

Me and Mrs. Vicki!!!!!!

I received some wonderful presents and it was so exciting to get the firsts of what our home will be filled with!

The hostesses gave Charlie and I a panini press!!!
We are going to get soooo much use out of this! I am so excited!!
Charlie's mom started us out on our bedding with a super soft pretty blue blanket!
Our very first pot!!
A sweet cake plate in our china pattern!

Me and my grandma carolyn!  She wanted to stand on her tippy toes and me to bend down so we could be the same height!  She is so sweet!

It was such a beautiful shower and a beautiful day.
We received so many amazing things and I cannot wait to go back home and look through everything again!
I am so grateful to such wonderful friends and family!!

Only 83 more days!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Please Pray

I am going to do a post on the amazing Bridal Shower later but I wanted to get this out first so we could soak up some prayers.
My moms first cousin, Lisa, and her entire family including son and daughter and their families went to Disney for the week.  It was the first time for her son in law and granddaughter to be in disney.  The day they all arrived Lisa's husband had chest pains and had to be taken to the hospital.  They transferred him to another hospital after they found out he suffered from a Heart attack.  Yesterday he had a heart bypass, he is now in recovery and is doing well but he has to be in the hospital for 5-7 days.  All of the main arteries to his heart were blocked but he is in the 4th best hospital in the US and all of the doctors did an amazing job. Lisa's son Nigel, just got engaged to a beautiful girl named Kaci.  Kaci went along on the trip and found out last night that her sweet grandmother had passed away.  
The whole family needs our prayers and I know it would be mean so much to them if you remembered them. 
What a time to be going through all of this, to be in Disney and have so many things happen to this family, I could not imagine.  I wanted to post some pictures of this wonderful family so you can see the sweet faces you will be praying for!
Lisa, her husband Charlie and thier granddaughter Kenleigh.
This is Charlie, Lisa's husband and their sweet granddaughter, Kenleigh.
Lauren, lisa's daughter, her husband Kyle, and Kenleigh
Nigel Horonzy
Nigel and her fiance Kaci.

Thank you so much for your prayers and I will keep yall updated!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break, Lake, and the Great Outdoors!

We have been on spring break for the past couple of days and I am LOVING it!
It was time for a break from school.
We went to the lake after the amazing Brad Paisley concert and just got back to the beach today.
While we were there we ate, slept, ate, and actually made it outside as a family to have some good ole redneck fun!
We all loaded up in Charlie's truck and headed out to a clearing to shoot some guns..
Aww look at dad getting the hair out of moms eyes so she can smash her target!
(which she did on the first shot!)
go mom!!

Jenn shooting in her What Would John Locke Do? shirt!!
Dads turn!
and then my turn! 
I didnt hit the target, or even come close..

After this mom, jenn, and I sat in the truck and played Mad Gab while the boys continued to play with their toys!

Time for some old mudding pictures and a first date story:
Me in the hole Charlie's tire was in above

Charlie took me on a "back road" to get to a restaurant on one of our first dates. 
I had ever been "mudding" before and I was LOVING it!
We went through the first giant mud puddle, the second even bigger mud puddle, and finally came to a even bigger mud puddle that could possible fit the description of a lake!
Of course Charlie wanted to show off his fancy jeep and driving skills, and gunned us right through it..till we came to a dead stop.
My feet started to get wet and mud was coming in the doors, we had to move to the top of the back seat and wait for one of my redneck friends i went to private school with to pull us out.
He finally got there and I jumped in his car to go along for the ride of pulling us out of the mud!
It was quite intense...
(especially since i was sitting right next to his nast dip spitting cup and a snake shaped shifter, whose eyes lit up when you changed gears... classy kids at that school, right hilary?)
He got charlie's jeep out only to find charlie had a flat tire.
By the end of the night charlie and i were drenched in mud and never made it to our restaurant.
Oh and he had to get a new transmission put in his jeep!

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, but we do have some pretty awesome memories
 "gettin a little mud on the tires".
 i have no idea why the post took a turn for some reminiscing on mudding, but im just gonna go with it.
now all i can think about is those redneck boys in middle school and all of the craziness we got into..
Its funny how I hated being at private school so much when I was there, but looking back on it, its some of the most fun times i have ever had.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Double Digits!!!

99 days!
I cannot believe we hit 99 days today!
When we got engaged the wedding counter was in the 500s..
I thought that double digits was soo far away, but this engagement has flown by!

Our invitations just arrived and here is my sweet mama picking them up for us!
She said there are SIX boxes!!
I love you mom!!!!
I cannot wait to see them in person!

This week is also my spring break and we kick it off tomorrow with brad paisley!
Then we are headed to the lake, then back home for a tasting with the Marina Inn and my second fitting for my wedding dress!

These next 99..well almost 98 days are going FLY BY!
WHOO HOO!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wishing my bank account allowed me to purchase:

   They fit more like leggings and the skinnies I have now somehow developed a large hole in them....ugh...


These with my new plaid shirt would blend me right into the crowd at the BRAD PAISLEY concert on Saturday!!
Maybe i'll be the 1 in 90 kabillion to win the lottery this week....

and just cause we are wishing here..I'd like to throw in one of these babies:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shower Invites!

I wanted to share two of the wedding shower invites we received!
We were so blessed to have Carson, Allston, and Rob to throw us our Stock the Bar shower!
It was soo much fun and the invites are soo cute!

In about a week and a half, two of my bridesmaids moms and one of my families good friends are throwing me a bridal shower at our church!
I am looking so forward to it!
My sweet bridesmaid Lauren helped her mom pick out the colors of the invites and she knows me all too well with my love of pink and green!
They are adorable and I am soooo excited!

It looks kind of empty with all of the personal stuff missing!!
The scanner does not do this invite justice!
The color is more of a olive green.

We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives!!

Also! Kelly's Korner Blog has a post where all 16-24ish bloggers can add their link and we can all get to know each other!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!!!!!