Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break, Lake, and the Great Outdoors!

We have been on spring break for the past couple of days and I am LOVING it!
It was time for a break from school.
We went to the lake after the amazing Brad Paisley concert and just got back to the beach today.
While we were there we ate, slept, ate, and actually made it outside as a family to have some good ole redneck fun!
We all loaded up in Charlie's truck and headed out to a clearing to shoot some guns..
Aww look at dad getting the hair out of moms eyes so she can smash her target!
(which she did on the first shot!)
go mom!!

Jenn shooting in her What Would John Locke Do? shirt!!
Dads turn!
and then my turn! 
I didnt hit the target, or even come close..

After this mom, jenn, and I sat in the truck and played Mad Gab while the boys continued to play with their toys!

Time for some old mudding pictures and a first date story:
Me in the hole Charlie's tire was in above

Charlie took me on a "back road" to get to a restaurant on one of our first dates. 
I had ever been "mudding" before and I was LOVING it!
We went through the first giant mud puddle, the second even bigger mud puddle, and finally came to a even bigger mud puddle that could possible fit the description of a lake!
Of course Charlie wanted to show off his fancy jeep and driving skills, and gunned us right through it..till we came to a dead stop.
My feet started to get wet and mud was coming in the doors, we had to move to the top of the back seat and wait for one of my redneck friends i went to private school with to pull us out.
He finally got there and I jumped in his car to go along for the ride of pulling us out of the mud!
It was quite intense...
(especially since i was sitting right next to his nast dip spitting cup and a snake shaped shifter, whose eyes lit up when you changed gears... classy kids at that school, right hilary?)
He got charlie's jeep out only to find charlie had a flat tire.
By the end of the night charlie and i were drenched in mud and never made it to our restaurant.
Oh and he had to get a new transmission put in his jeep!

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, but we do have some pretty awesome memories
 "gettin a little mud on the tires".
 i have no idea why the post took a turn for some reminiscing on mudding, but im just gonna go with it.
now all i can think about is those redneck boys in middle school and all of the craziness we got into..
Its funny how I hated being at private school so much when I was there, but looking back on it, its some of the most fun times i have ever had.


  1. You are too funny, girlie! :) I'm from Alabama, so I've been mudding a time or two in my day! :) Glad to see you're enjoying your spring break! This is my first year without one, and I'm totally missing it!

  2. Uuuugh, I'm so glad you have good memories. I still have nightmares about that place, haha. When I transfered to public school, I would literally have a nightmare about once a week that I had done something to make my parents send me back. It was awful! My sister has sent two of my nieces there, but thankfully, she's a public school teacher, so by the time they're in elementary school, she takes them out.